Friday, April 25, 2014

The Waikiki and the water table

What the what? I made a SWIMSUIT! 

I have been sewing for almost 20 years (I'm not *really* that old, I just started sewing as a newborn...) and one of the first big projects I tackled was a wedding gown.  Not just a wedding gown, but a full pattern resizing on said wedding gown.  So to say I am not easily intimidated by sewing projects is an understatement.  Don't get me wrong, they don't always turn out as a wearable item, but I'm willing to tackle just about anything.  Anything that is except, until up to this point, a swimming suit.  


Then I was asked to preview a couple of the patterns from the Pattern Revolution Bundle Up  pattern bundle that's due to release on April 26, 2014.  The Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop Waikiki One Piece suit is part of that 11 pattern bundle and I decided it was high time to give one a whirl.  

I have resisted these in the past mainly because of the fabric.  I had visions of myself frantically chanting "stretchy and slinky and slick, oh my!" the entire time I was sewing. 

Even with my stretchy fabric, I was pleasantly surprised at the ease of this suit.  Two pattern pieces and binding and ruffle pieces were all I needed to cut.   

I used swim fabric from Chez Ami and swimsuit lining from Joann's.  The pattern calls for lining and walks you through the lining and binding.  I loved how the binding was done; super simple! 

I made what I could of the suit on my serger and did the rest on my sewing machine, but you could easily do the whole thing on the sewing machine.  I found the best way (for my machine) was a good old zigzag stitch.  Once we got that settled (we argued for a bit before I decided to let the sewing machine decide what it wanted) the suit was really quick to assemble.  

It's spring here and we lucked out with a really warm day to try out the suit.  She loved it, despite the fact that it wasn't pink.  

The only change I made from the pattern was to cross the straps and attach them, rather than the tie at the neck straps it calls for.  My kids play hard in their suits and I thought it would be a better option for them.  

I love the little ruffle bum.  It's so cute! I cut one out for my older daughter too and left them off for hers for a "big girl" version of the suit.    With a size range of 3months-12 years, the pattern is versatile enough to make many versions for the girls in future summers.  

This is just one of the patterns available in the Bundle Up deal.  There are 11 patterns you can mix and match, plus you save more as you buy more (as low as $4.00 each!). Head over and build your bundle! 

If you are interested in seeing another pattern in the bundle, check out my Beverly Belle too! 

*Like A Mother*


  1. I like the cross strap option much better than the halter. Glad to know that you can make it that way too!

    1. It was super easy to modify. My girls do better with suits that don't tie around the neck :)

  2. Finally excited to make my daughter a swim suit. She has no bum so all swimsuits that are the right length for her (she's 7) gap majorly. I usually make her wear shorts which she hates. I liked this pattern but not the halter neck - those are just uncomfortable. So thanks for showing how cute it is with crossing the straps!

  3. Yea! My daughter likes the cross straps better too. Very cute Sarah!

  4. I really like your swimsuit, green is my favorite color!
    Last summer I made one too for my little girl, but it was too big, maybe this year will fit her better ^_^

  5. I too have been sewing for a long time and have made 2 wedding gowns in my lifetime, yet I am afraid to make a swimsuit. I bought some fabric last year and it is still waiting for me. You have given me some courage to give it a try. Yours looks lovely!