Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Greenstyle Christmas Blog Tour

Hello there! I am so very excited to present Day 2 of the Handmade Holiday Blog Tour Representing Greenstyle Creations

There are so many amazing designers represented on this tour and we were so lucky to team up with Riley Blake Fabrics who generously provided the fabric we used for our projects. 

Since Greenstyle Creations recently released the new One Button Cardigan pattern, I knew that was the pattern I'd showcase for the tour. I layered it over the Greenstyle Creations Bella Bubble Top (I modified it slightly by cutting short sleeves) which is a great layering piece.  

One Button Cardigan

The cardigan can be worn open or closed and has 2 length options and a full and less full version.  I made the less full version in the longer length.  I think this is great wintery look without being overly holiday-esque, and I do love an outfit that does double duty!  I'll be able to wear this until the weather get warm!

I absolutely love that Riley Blake is making more and more knit fabric, since that is what I primarily sew.  I used the Idle Wild Grey fabric for my cardigan.  I love florals but I prefer to wear black tones, so this was the perfect combination!  For the top, I chose the Black Quatrefoil knit.  I really love the look of the Quatrefoil, it's interesting without being overwhelming and I know I can wear this alone or layered with many of the items in my closet.  

I am so happy with how both of my items turned out and I can't wear them as I am out and about this holiday season.  They are the perfect combination of comfort and style that I can wear everyday! 

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I hope you'll check out the posts by the other fabulous bloggers on the tour as well.  

Tour Schedule

December 9, 2015- Izzy&Ivy
December 10, 2015- Greenstyle Creations
December 11, 2015- FooFoo Threads
December 14, 2015- Little Lizard King
December 15, 2015- brownie-goose
December 16, 2015- Made For Mermaids

Danielle from Whimsical Fabric is offering our blog readers 10% off regular and clearance priced items! The coupon code is HOLIDAY and the coupon is good from Tuesday, December 8th through Sunday, December 20th. Her site is

And don't forget to enter to win a pattern of choice from each of the designers featured on the tour.  Enter below!
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Everyone in the family loves wearing my new cardigan ;)

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Summer Blog Tour Day 7-Upton Shorts and Capris by Greenstyle Creations

Hello and welcome to my little neck of the woods!  Today I am SO EXCITED to be the caboose of the Summer Blog Tour along with some of my favorite ladies in the blogosphere and favorite pattern designers.  Plus, we were so lucky to have our tour sponsored by Art Gallery Fabrics who graciously provided all of the fabric for this tour.  We are some lucky ladies!

I made up a couple of outfits for my kiddos using the Greenstyle Creations Bailey Tunic and the not-yet-released Upton Shorts/Capris.  The Bailey Tunic is actually the first Greenstyle Creations pattern I ever bought over 2 years ago and I am a little ashamed to say this is the first time I have made one...but I made 2 to make up for it!  

For the short outfit, I used the Art Gallery Fabric Happy Home Table Flowers Rainbow Knit  paired with their solid Peachy Custard Knit.

The Bailey tunic is such a fun and versatile pattern.  It comes with the bib detail and both a sleeveless and sleeved version.  Plus you can leave the bib off and have a great basic top pattern.  I used the large floral of the print for my bib and went around the edge with a braided trim from my hoard stash that was almost an exact color match.  Score one for hoarding trims!

The new Upton Shorts and Capris also have all kinds of features that make them a great basic pattern.  I made the short version for my little one without the pockets.  The cute little tie in the front adds a little charm to them and the fit was just perfect.  They are cute and comfy and clearly suitable for climbing and playing (the shoes, however, were not the best choice for that activity!) 

For the capri version, I used the Art Gallery Fabric Anna Elisa Tribal Study Aura Knit paired with their solid Turquoise Knit. I again used the print to make my bib piece and did the edge with more hoarded trim (who knew I had so much?) that matched beautifully.  

I did the Upton Capri version with pockets for my older daughter.  They turned out so cute and I liked adding a little pop of color at the pocket.

Both outfits turned out great and I love that they are great for playing and exploring outside, but cute enough to go out to dinner or wear to school.  Plus, made with knit, they are functional and wrinkle free.  Two huge pluses in my book! 

I just loved both of these patterns and the gorgeous fabric I used for them.  The Bailey Tunic is available now and the Upton Shorts and Capris are coming very soon from Greenstyle Creations.  You can keep an eye out in the Greenstyle Creations Facebook Group for new pattern releases and other great information.  

Thanks again to all of the pattern designers and Art Gallery Fabric for sponsoring this tour! 

If you missed the other days of the tour, you can check out:

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Until next time...


Not sure what I said here, but clearly I am hilarious :) 

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Pajamas and some sisterly love!

Hello again and thanks so much for stopping by!

A few months ago, I made these pajamas as part of the Bundle Up sale through Pattern Revolution (I do pattern reviews over there; if you haven't checked them out, you should!) They were doing an all boys bundle, but I girled it up a bit for my munchkins and designed an iron-on transfer (available below) to go along with their outfits.  I have been meaning to blog about them ever since, but you know how that goes...

As I have probably mentioned before, we are pretty big fans of Frozen around here and that doesn't seem to be coming to an end anytime soon.  So I thought these little short and tank top PJ's were a perfect time to bust out some of my hoarded carefully collected frozen fabric and put it to use.  

I simply made the tops and shorts out of some more girl friendly fabric, skipped the fly on the shorts and added a little ruffle to the bottom.  Voila! Boys boxer set changed to girls short set!

I think they worked out really well and they were super easy and comfortable.  I have another set for each girl (in the opposite fabrics) already cut out and sitting in my "too-due" pile so they each have 2 matching sets.  I think these will go in the suitcases when we take our Disney cruise next year!

One thing I love to do to my shirts is to embellish them with iron on transfers.  I used my much loved  (affiliate link) 
Silhouette CAMEO Electronic Cutting Tool with Silhouette Studio Designer Edition Software
to design the emblems and then print them on printable iron-on transfer paper.  I really like the versatility that I have making shirts this way.  It is super easy to use and I can make a shirt in minutes once the emblem is designed.  I've done these for birthday parties and holidays.  It is a nice alternative to embroidering a shirt if you don't own an embroidery machine too.  All you really need is a printer, the iron on transfer paper and an iron.  

I like to use this product (affiliate link)
and have used it tons of times with great success.  I ran out one time and, in a pinch, ran to my local craft store and bought a different brand.  That brand turned bright yellow after washing and parts of the transfer peeled off.  Now I keep lots of Jet-Opaque on hand and only use that.  Lesson learned the hard way :(

I think the outfits turned out great, and the girls were thrilled to take pictures in them because I let them jump on the bed (a rare treat) while I was taking pictures.

One thing I wanted to do with the emblems was make the "frozen-esque" without being over the top (or violating any copyright stuff).  I love the underlying story and how it honors sisterly love so I decided to incorporate that into the shirts.  And with my Olaf shorts...well of course I had to say something about hugs!

I think my girls are both about sisterly bonds and hugs, so they shirts were especially fitting :)

If you would like to make your own shirts for a set of Pj's or just use the emblems for something else, I am including the link to the dropbox file for them today! I included both the cameo file for those of you who have one, and a PDF for those of you who don't.  You can just download the PDF file, print it out on the printable iron-on transfer paper and cut around the edge of the circle. Easy Peasy! 

***A couple notes***

I changed the snowflake on the downloadable one linked below because I wanted to make sure all of the graphics and fonts I used were open market and allowed for this type of use.  But it is still just as cute!

I also changed the pink lettering on the warm hugs file to red and included that for those of you who have boys and maybe don't want the pink letters :) Both the red and pink are included below.  

Warm Hugs Pink PDF
Warm Hugs Pink Studio File
Warm Hugs Red PDF
Warm Hugs Red Studio File
Sister PDF
Sister Studio File

If you have any questions or issues, you can comment below or email me at and I will try to help!  Hope you enjoy them.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Stylizing a Christmas Photo Shoot

Hello and thanks for stopping by today! I am doing something a little different than my normal sewing related posts with todays post; I am going to talk about stylizing a photo session!  Photography is another one of my obsessions hobbies and I have always intended for my blog to include it as a topic area but, alas, I tend to have great intentions and not a ton of time to carry them out.  Well, that ends today!

A few months ago a friend of mine (Jenn from Candid Moments Wedding Photography) approached me about doing a few stylized sessions with her and I was thrilled, flattered and terrified...all at the same time.  Although I aspire to be an accomplished photographer, I still have some ways to go, so a chance to work with a real life pro (who I also happen to like and respect-double bonus!) was just too good to pass up.  We met at a really fancy office (local coffee shop) and hashed out the idea of what we wanted to do.  I am a list writer and storyboarder, so I drew out our plan in my Big Book of Fabulous Ideas; which is a notebook I carry around and scratch my kindergartner-esque drawings of ideas I have for projects.

We did a lot of pinterest searching and brainstorming, a lot of digging through our houses and a little shopping for the perfect accessories...but I think we pulled it off!

The center of our session was a hot chocolate stand that Jenn had built and added a chalkboard sign to.  It was adorable with hand lettered "hot chocolate" across it and turned out just perfectly.  The girls at the shoot had a blast drinking their hot chocolate in the stand.  

With the exception of a few small items, all of the props were items we had around our houses or in our christmas stashes.  We brainstormed various items we wanted to bring (and brought way more than we ended up using) and filled in around the center stand with a reclaimed chalkboard, a bench and stool, and wooden crates and stands.  Then we added authentic hot chocolate fix-in's and some fresh baked goods for beautiful and delicious bribes treats for the girls.  

Mason jars filled with peppermint chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate chips, peppermint sticks and colorful straws were added as filler around jars of marshmallows and hot chocolate mix.  I made little spice cupcakes with maple buttercream frosting and added chocolate filled cookie straws to make them look like little whipped cream topped hot chocolates.  Not lying-I had to buy the cookies at a local coffee shop on the way to the shoot because I ran out of time to make them, but they fit in beautifully and the kids certainly did not mind.  The adorable sweater clad mugs were one of my only purchases because they were just too cute to pass up.  

The location we found was beautiful and had huge evergreen trees in the background, so we just filled in with a few other trees, wreaths and garland to give it a little more seasonal greenery. 

Of course, for me, no photoshoot is complete without a few handmade clothing items in it, so I sewed up the skirt and knickers my girls are wearing. I talk more about the patterns and clothes over at the Pattern Revolution Blog.  

We took some posed shots and some candids. I adore this shot of the girls behind the stand, but I also just love the candid photos of the girls grabbing their treats and just having a good time.  

I had such a great time collaborating with Jenn and all of the fabulous little ones who volunteered to come out and let us try the set up on them.  They were troopers and did a great job as little models.  We plan to offer some more stylized sessions in the future with various themes and I cannot wait to help come up with different scenes and ideas for those!  

Photo sessions certainly don't have to be as propped out as this one is, but adding some themed props and coordinated items to a shoot definitely gives it a whole different feel.  I loved doing this and will branch a little more out of my comfort zone to find new locations and props for my shoots in the future!

Thanks again for stopping by...until next time...

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Greenstyle Favorite Things

Today I am so excited to be teaming up with a talented group of bloggers to present a holiday tour of some of our favorite patterns from a powerhouse group of designers.  This team represents some of the biggest names in PDF pattern design and I am thrilled to be representing Greenstyle Creations on the tour of our favorite things.

When we first started kicking around the idea of a theme for this tour, we immediately thought of a holiday collection.  I love the holidays and especially Christmas.  Unfortunately where we live in California (I know, poor me!) we don't get snow, but that doesn't stop us from getting into the spirit of the season.  I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to get us all decked out for the upcoming festivities and parties.

Even though it looks a lot more like fall than winter here, we are in full throttle holiday prep around here.  Christmas tree hunting, hanging lights and decorations, baking cookies, and of course writing our gift lists! So in the midst of all of that, of course I thought it would be a good idea to make outfits not only for the girls, but for myself too.  :)

We teamed up with Riley Blake Designs (who generously supplied the fabric for all of my outfits) and I was immediately drawn to the Hollywood Sparkle Collection because it is sparkly and perfect for dressing up our outfits.  I loved the silver on black and decided that would be the central theme of my collection.  I paired that with the one-inch black and white stripe knit and solid black knit from their knit basics collection.  The addition of the knit into the ensembles makes them really comfy and completely everyday wearable.

For my older daughter, I used the Greenstyle Lil Miss Finnley pants that are so new they are just now getting ready to go into testing!  They are so cute and can totally be dressed up or down. I paired those with a dressed up version of one of my favorite patterns, the Greenstyle easy options t-shirt.  I lengthened the bodice and then added a double layer of long ruffles to the bottom and another long ruffle to the sleeves.  I used my trusty Silhouette software and machine (another favorite thing) to add a little more sparkle with the iron-on sparkle vinyl letters.

For the little one, I again used the easy options t-shirt (it's such a great base pattern!) to make an adorable high/low top.  

I adjusted the bodice to the shape I wanted and added a full ruffle to the bottom.  I also added ruching to the bottom of the sleeve as a little extra detail.  It turned out adorable, even though she is still refusing to wear long sleeves and has already told me I need to cut them off.  Ugh. I made another glitter vinyl iron-on and she was thrilled when I told her what it said.  I paired the top with leggings that I bought at my local Target (one of my favorite places to shop!).  

For my outfit, I used another one of my favorite Greenstyle patterns, the centerfield raglan. I added a cowl to it, but ended up wearing a scarf for the pictures so you can't really see the cowl I added. You'll have to my word for it; it's really cute.  For my pants, I used the black knit to make a pair of the Finnley Pants that Greenstyle is releasing on Monday (yes, tomorrow!!!) and are destined to become some of my most worn/best loved pants.  They have a comfortable yoga type flat waist band and adorable rings around the legs that are cute and totally comfortable.  I can't wait to make more!

Now, for the fun part...if you are inspired to make some of your own holiday fashions, you can win all 4 of the patterns I used from Greenstyle Creations!  How fun is that?  You can enter using the rafflecopter below.

If you want some additional inspiration, you should check out the other fabulous blogger who participated in the tour.  You won't be sorry, they have some fabulous outfits made up!

Picking out the perfect tree to go with their holiday outfits!

Thanks again to the wonderful ladies that blogged along with me this week; your work inspires me! Thanks also to Riley Blake Designs for supplying the fabric for my outfits and to Greenstyle Creations for supplying the patterns for my outfits and for the prizes!  What a great group of people I have the pleasure of working with!  

Until next time, sparkle and shine!

And that's a wrap!